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Asia Teaching Artists Exchange Workshop 2021

Asia Teaching Artists Exchange Workshop seeks to share the practices and perspectives of teaching artists in Asia focusing on the region’s contemporaneity. It is an attempt to broaden our understanding of Asia and instigate discussion regarding the social role and practices of art.

We invite practitioners who have been or aim to connect with their works issues that Asia and more broadly, global societies are facing today such as democracy, censorship, minority, refugee, environment and climate change. The participants of this workshop include facilitators and teaching artists based in Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia.

The workshop will consists of a variety of programs ranging from Open Session that will examine Asia and deepen understanding of each other; Group Sessions that will offer the foundation for in-depth discussions and collaboration; and a Webinars that will share the 20-day journey with the public.

The part entitled Curation in the Open Session brings together films, videos and articles that mirror the ‘present’ of each country. It will provide a glimpse to different societies in Asia that cannot be found in news broadcasting or media coverages. In the meantime, Self Introduction will display self-made videos by participants introducing their practices and concerns.

After learning each other’s interest through the Open Sessions, participants will be divided into thematic groups. Throughout the following two weeks, they will have minimum three online meetings led by facilitators, the format of which will be freely and autonomously decided ranging from discussions, conversations or collaborations.

Open Webinar that will take place after two weeks, participants will present and share the outcomes of the online meetings in their own unique ways and seek for continued exchange and collaborations. The Webinar is opened to anyone interested in Asia’s today and exchanging with others.

Programming by

Ko Joo Young

Ryu Seong Hyo

Park Ji Sun

Korea Arts & Culture Education Service (KACES) International Relations Team

KACES is a public agency under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea. It aims at guaranteeing equal opportunity of arts and culture education through which everyone can enjoy arts and culture and build creativity regardless of their age, gender, disability or social status.

KACES has been creating arts and culture education platforms for various groups such as elementary, middle and high school students; children, adolescents, adults; the middle aged or elderly people; as well as the disabled. It aims at providing education inclusive of socially isolated communities such as residents of distant fishing or farming villages, soldiers, disabled veterans or inmates or economically and culturally marginalized children and adolescents.

Also, it has been organizing art therapy programs to relieve those suffering from social isolation, loneliness and other psychological or mental difficulties that have exacerbated during the coronavirus outbreak; arts and culture education programs that enrich our life and community such as Orchestras of Dream and Arts-Flower Seeds School; and programs converging technology to seek for alternative arts and culture education in the digital society.

For this, KACES has been conceiving and developing programs in collaboration with teaching artists, researchers, organizers and policy makers; creating platforms; and building an ecosystem where individuals, groups and institutions all over the world work together. Its mission is to enrich our lives through arts and culture education and create a virtuous cycle in which art is present and enjoyed in our everyday life.


Culture&U (Culture and you) aims to create a culturally equal society in which each and every member of it is guaranteed of equal access to artistic experiences. The name Cutlure&U derives from our determination to cherish the relationship with ‘You’, our most intimate ones- family, friends, and neighbors. Wherever it is, we have been delivering performances and educational programs to places that need arts and culture. In addition, we offer various services for individuals and groups in the fields of arts.

In 2020, we ran ‘Asia Still Meets: Asia Research Project + Arts and Culture Education ODA’ hosted by KACES. Collecting, analyzing and interpreting arts education policies, institutions and case studies focusing on key words that reflect the latest art trend of Asia, the aim of the project was to broaden the understanding of arts and culture education by archiving and sharing various research.

For Asia Teaching Artists Exchange Workshop 2021, CULTURE&U has been assisting the overall planning process including running online planning meetings and advisory meetings, promoting and operating the open call for Korean teaching artist participants, planning and overseeing the Open Session and operating the Webinars.